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old shit, new news - fucking your brain with sound [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
8-Bit Porno

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old shit, new news [Sep. 8th, 2005|11:16 pm]
8-Bit Porno


Some new 8-Bit Porno material is being assembled for a new disc that will be coming out on Russolo's Brain (www.russolo.com). I'd expect that to be released in Dec or Jan.

The first 8-Bit Porno disc from 2002, "Bury The Evidence", will be re-released with some extra tracks on Russolo sometime in late October. Expect that to be a full-lenth disc with cool packaging and lots of love stuffed in every disc. Maybe some hidden extras, too. There will be a special "dirt box" edition of 10 copies, too. More info on that to come.

[User Picture]From: shanoinoi
2005-09-09 06:49 pm (UTC)
That is about the best news i've heard in weeks.

8-Bit Porno is the best avant-noise-ish band ever.
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From: (Anonymous)
2005-09-19 05:04 pm (UTC)

Eternal Pride Productions

Eternal Pride Productions presents:

CD Velehentor – “Sak-Yelga”.A project by 121 (ex-Satt), the editor of the “Crepuscular shadows” web-magazine, one of the famous band VALHALLA from Ekaterinburg. This album is limited to only 333 copies and is designed in a unique way – in a DVD-box with an 8-page booklet. PostapocalypticDark Wave/Power industrial with radical anti-life position.
VELEHENTOR is still trying to find “Black Pearls” in the planet’s past and future. This time the “treasure” is hidden in the river Sak-Yelga, one of the dirtiest rivers on Earth, where the concentration of copper exceeds the permissible maximum 800 times – and the city of Karabash, situated on its banks. This settlement, full of slag with some lead and arsenic and surrounded by the remains of the forests burnt by sulphur is located at a dead-end siding of the South Ural railway. It has a second name – Pirit, which in Russian is an anagram of the word “yperite”. It fully reflects what people living and born there have to experience - central nervous system and glands deseases, cancer and mental disorder.

Sales: 1 CD = 12 €

CD KARNA - Diabolic - 04 (Split release with Possession Productions)

On this new CD KARNA performs brilliant Satanic Cold Black Ambient with cold night feelings spreading the Darkness. Soundtrack that gives birth to the ghostly visions calling into the bottomless Abyss ... Total Time: 41 min.

You can order this CD including 4-pages death-specter-colored and varnished booklet for:
1 CD = 10 €

KARNA – Dead Cities Lights - 04. 500 copies, CD - R pro, typographical booklet, CD-r comes with the sticker. BLACK AMBIENT METAL/COLD WAWE.

The gloomy Ambient failures, the blacky malicious whisper, the increasing tension, immersing in black Chaos, following with a failure into BLACK METAL in the culmination moment of an album.Total Time: 40 min.

1 CDr = 5 Euro

To read the reviews on this albums can in following web-sites:
http://www.eternalpride.ru - offical page of ETERNAL PRIDE PRODUCTIONS
http://www.eternalpride.ru/velehentor/ - offical page of Velehentor
http://www.karna.fatal.ru - offical page of KARNA.

E-Mail: eternalpride@rambler.ru
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